Meet the teams tackling poor student conduct – visit the Guild this Thursday

The University’s Student Conduct and Student Welfare Advice and Guidance teams will be running a stall at the Guild foyer between 11am and 3pm on Thursday, 7 December, as part of the 16 days of activism for the Elimination of Violence against Women and Girls.

This will be an opportunity for students to meet both teams, with the Student Conduct Team being responsible for dealing with allegations of Student Misconduct and the Student Welfare Advice and Guidance team being able to offer welfare support for this and any other issue which may be affecting a students wellbeing.

It is really important that students know who to approach if the conduct of one of your fellow students is causing you harm, upset or concern.

Misconduct can take many forms, including violent, indecent, disorderly, threatening, intimidating or offensive behaviour or language. It could involve sexual misconduct, acts of discrimination, harassment or fraud. There is more detail on what may constitutes misconduct in our Student Conduct policy.

Whilst Thursday’s event is being hosted in support of the annual International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women and Girls and the following 16 days of Activism campaign, our teams will be on hand to advise on any aspect of student misconduct. You will be able to meet the staff involved in dealing with complaints about student conduct and find out what actions the University may take in response to poor student behaviour, including how incidents are investigated and the possible disciplinary process involved.

There is support available from the University whether you wish to formally report your concerns or not, we just ask you to reach out to us for help.

Please drop by the Guild’s foyer on Thursday to say hello to the teams and gather more information, or even start a confidential chat if you wish.