Out socialising? Tips to stay safe and avoid drink spiking

The build up to Christmas is the perfect time for many of us to socialise with friends and get out and about, soaking up the festive atmosphere.

Whilst we want our students to have a great time, we also want to make sure you’re staying safe and you get home safely each night.

Here’s some advice to help you enjoy the festivities safely.

Drink spiking

Drink spikings have become much more common and widespread in recent years. Although Liverpool is a relatively safe place to live and study, we would encourage all students to be alert when out socialising and learn how to spot the potential signs of drink spiking in your friends.

You can help to avoid drink-spiking by keeping a close eye on how much you’re drinking, asking bar staff for a cover for your drink, and not accepting drinks from strangers. Watch the below video for more tips. 

Seeking help if you’re alone

If you find yourself separated from friends on your night out and you are feeling scared, vulnerable and unsafe, you can approach bar staff in any nearby bar and ‘Ask for Angela’. This will prompt them to move you to a safe space and arrange for your transport home.

Your journey home

At the end of a night out we know you just want to get home.

If you choose to walk home try to do so in a group and keep to well lit areas. If you feel unsafe at any point, go into the nearest shop or food outlet and ask for help.

If you’re opting for a taxi, be sure it’s a licensed vehicle, like a Hackney Cab or official private hire. A Liverpool licenced Hackney Cab will have a roof light showing the word TAXI, a yellow plate on the front and rear of the vehicle and a yellow illuminated sign inside the taxi which displays the number plate. The driver should have a personal ID badge and tariff sheet on display inside.  Private hire cabs will have a red and white plate attached to the back of the vehicle and one in the windscreen. They should also have door signs displaying the logo of their private hire operator and have a personal ID badge on display in the vehicle.

The Liverpool Night Bus helps people travel safely between Liverpool and the Wirral. The service runs every hour from midnight to 5am, on Thursday night/Friday morning, Friday night/Saturday morning and Saturday night/Sunday morning.

The route includes: Allerton, Allerton Library, Smithdown Road, Myrtle Street, Liverpool ONE Bus Station, Scotland Road and Birkenhead.

Stagecoach operate the bus service and tickets cost £2. You can see the N1 timetable (valid from 7 December) via the Merseytravel site.

Andy Woolford, the University’s police liaison officer, has recorded some tips for students on spiking and other risks you may face:

Have a great – and safe – time this Christmas.