My Lunar New Year Celebration in Liverpool

Liverpool China Town University student

Yankai Huang is a BA Media, Data, and Society student from China. Here, Yankai shares how they plan to celebrate.

In the hectic student life, planning for special occasions becomes quite a big deal, and celebrating the Lunar New Year is exceptionally important for me and my Chinese peers. I’m excited to share my plans as a Chinese student in Liverpool for this joyful occasion.

Reunion Dinner

The centerpiece of my Lunar New Year celebration is the reunion dinner, a long-standing tradition that holds symbolic importance in our culture, signifying family unity and prosperity.

Hot pot is one of the traditional meals to have on Lunar New Year’s Eve, gathering family members around a table together with shared warmth and savory flavors, waving goodbye to the old year.

I plan to invite my international and Chinese friends to join us for hot pot grocery shopping, where we can choose our customized broths, create DIY dipping sauces, and select diverse ingredients to cater to the needs of each person.

We even think of making our personalized vegetarian dumplings and spring rolls to make sure everyone is included, celebrating our friendships in Liverpool and hoping for the best in the new year.

Karaoke night out

Apart from the traditional reunion dinner, my friends and I decided to celebrate Lunar New Year by spending a night filled with karaoke singing, featuring an eclectic array of songs in Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean and Malay.

We have carefully curated a playlist that spans from traditional Lunar New Year songs to contemporary hits.

This multicultural karaoke session is not only a celebration of the Lunar New Year but also a harmonious fusion of languages and melodies, symbolizing unity and friendship across Lunar year celebrants. As we gather to sing together, we aim to ring in the new year with a sense of cultural appreciation, laughter, and the universal language of music.

Liverpool’s Biggest Lunar Year Celebration

As Liverpool’s biggest Lunar Year celebration is set to unfold at Chinatown on Sunday, 11 February, I’ll be hanging out with my friends there to capture the festive spirit and the city’s vibrant multicultural atmosphere.

A variety of free workshops will take place, featuring activities like lantern making, dragon shadow puppetry, candle making, and storytelling – all guided by talented local artists to infuse fun into artistry.

Entertainment shows collaborated by art experts “Walk The Plank” and Liverpool-based fire dancers “Bring The Fire” will be presented at Royal Albert Dock for three nights from 5.30-9pm between 9-11 February.

I am thrilled to witness an exhilarating fire street theatre performance, blending dance and martial arts to showcase a captivating play.

As this year is the Year of Dragon, a 25-meter illuminated dragon will be moving through the dock system, and the dragon is celebrated as the symbol of charisma, good luck, and enthusiasm. You cannot miss the chance to enjoy diverse range of fantastic shows and appreciate delicately designed dragon-themed decorations!

Cheers to a wonderful Lunar New Year! May your year be lit with all year-round good vibes and happiness. Happy Lunar New Year!