Your views: Widening access to academic skills support

Staff and students at the University are being encouraged to take part in a short survey to gather feedback around widening access to our academic skills support services.

The English Language Centre (ELC) at the University provides academic study skills support to all current students – both international and home students.

The support is free to access and complements the library’s KnowHow service.

Following a review of the Centre it was agreed that it would be beneficial to change the name to better reflect the support it provides for students – not just as a language centre, but helping students to develop the specialised academic skills which do not always form part of education systems before degree level.

Changing our name

We want your view about our new name. There are a number of options under consideration including:

  • Centre for Academic Language and Skills
  • Centre for Academic Literacies
  • Centre for Academic Language and Development

To have your say and share feedback, please take part in our short survey.


It will take no more than 5 minutes to complete and will help us to best reflect how we can support students and continue to widen access to dedicated academic skills support at the University.

Commenting on the proposed change, ELC Director Michelle Dwyer, said: “Academic skills are an important baseline for all of our students. By engaging with our dedicated support services, we can help our students to develop these important skills, which in turn, will aid their academic performance and student experience whilst they are studying here at Liverpool and beyond.

“By changing our name to better reflect what we do, we hope that we can encourage more of our students – both international and home students – to access support.”