Volunteering opportunities you can apply for today

Student Volunteers

Engaging in volunteering is an excellent way to enrich your CV, build new connections, and enhance your individual skills, all while contributing to the wider community.

Liverpool Guild of Students provides various avenues for volunteering, both on campus and with external organisations. Below are just a few of the opportunities available at the moment:

Knitters, Crocheters and Crafters

If you have some spare time, Sefton 4 Good are looking for some small to medium pink hearts to be handmade in order to raise money for the charitable cause.

This is a really flexible role that can be done at home. You can make as many as you like and the team will sell the items to raise much needed funds. If you would like to get involved in selling the items you can do too!

You can use whatever materials you would like!

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Group Leader at Children’s Summer Camp

Campus Children’s Holidays is looking for students to volunteer on summer projects! Volunteers will act as group leaders and look after a small group of children (aged 6- 13 yrs) on a one week of the summer camp. They are also need volunteers to drive their minibuses – you will need to be over the age of 21 and have had a full driving license for at least 2 years.

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Volunteer Mentor for the Merseyside Offender Mentoring Project

The project supports men who are ex-offenders in the community by engaging them with a volunteer mentor who work with them weekly on a one-to-one basis to remove triggers of offending behaviour.

To do this, the support provided is holistic and bespoke to the ex-offender and led by the men themselves. This support has not only helped turn countless lives around but has contributed to a staggering reduction in re-offending rates across Merseyside.

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Mental Health Charity Social Media Assistant

 Looking for enthusiastic creative social media creators to join the team! It will mainly be Instagram but with a vision to expand into LinkedIn. The team want to increase the input of ideas to increase engagement so that next year when we focus more on campaigning in universities and the government for better mental health support and legislation

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Volunteer Lads Group Activities Helper

Claire House are looking for a real people-person who can make friends in any room and has a great sense of fun. A big part of this role will be spending time with young adults and developing a rapport with them, so you’ll see first-hand the difference you make. It’s a highly interactive role with the potential to gain valuable experience. This role would be well-suited to someone who aims to pursue a career in healthcare and/or supporting young adults.

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Find Your Opportunity

The Guild Volunteering Service can help you find the right charity or organisation for you – they work with hundreds so you will have plenty of opportunity to make a difference in an area you care about.

  1. Check out the volunteering section of the Guild website
  2. Get signed up as a Student Volunteer
  3. Find your perfect opportunity

If you want to find out more or need any extra support with your applications the Guild Volunteering Team are available to help. Just get in touch at guildvol@liverpool.ac.uk.