PGR Poster Day success

Earlier this month we saw the return of Postgraduate Research Poster Day and for the first time in many years, PGR students from across the whole institution were in attendance.

Students came along to the Guild with a poster outlining their research and spent the day discussing their work with the many visitors who popped in to Mountford Hall, including staff, students and external guests.

Participating students and visitors were then asked to vote for their favourite posters, one for each of the Faculties of Health and Life Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences and Science and Engineering.

Prize winners

The three winners were presented with a prize of a £100 shopping voucher by the APVC for Postgraduate Research, Professor Georgina Endfield, who said: “For the first time in many years, poster day 2024 brought together PGRs from across all of our three faculties. This was a wonderful opportunity for our talented researchers from across the whole University to showcase and present their research in a genuinely interdisciplinary environment. Thanks to all who participated and to those worked hard to organise such a successful event.”

Faculty winners were:

  • Louise O’Brien – Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Jet Griep – Health and Life Sciences
  • Yiyao Zhang – Science and Engineering

Congratulations to all in what was a very close-run competition.

More about PGR Poster Day

Approximately 150 posters were on display, illustrating the quality of work taking place in the postgraduate student arena and demonstrating the contribution PGRs are making to the University’s research body. However, it was as much a social event and a chance to meet other researchers from across the University who may be doing similar work and whom they may not get a chance to meet under other circumstances.

Shelley Cathers, PhD researcher in Psychology who attended on the day said: “The Poster Day was a brilliant opportunity to exchange knowledge with other academics and members of the public. I enjoyed presenting my research to friends and family who attended the event. It was interesting to learn about a diverse range of topics in a personable, engaging way. I met students from other disciplines who are researching a similar topic as me, whilst I approached it from a psychology lens, my peers shared their perspectives from a criminology, and social policy background. It will be great to follow their work,  develop this connection, and maybe even collaborate with them in the future.”

The day was organised through a joint effort by PGR Administrators from across the University to whom we owe a huge thanks for all their hard work to bring the day together and similar thanks to the many students and visitors who took part and made the day such a huge success.