Deadline to choose activities for your HEAR

Students on campus

All Undergraduate and Postgraduate Taught students who are due to graduate this summer have recently been contacted regarding HEAR to check the verified co- and extra- curricular activities listed against your individual record.

Your Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) is a comprehensive record of all your university achievements and will be issued to you following your graduation. Part of the HEAR will detail some of the more substantial co- and extra-curricular activities that you took part in during your studies at Liverpool and which the Guild of Students or the University have been able to verify.

Choosing activities for your HEAR

If the content in the HEAR 6.1 Choices box in your Liverpool Life profile is correct and you have five or fewer activities that you want to appear on your Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) then you do not need to act further, as these activities will automatically be added to your HEAR which will be sent to you after you graduate.

If you have more than five activities and/or do not want one (or more) to appear on your HEAR, then you will need to go to the HEAR 6.1 Choices box within Liverpool Life to deselect those activities you do not want to appear. The default position is for all activities to be “ticked” and the top five will go onto your HEAR.

To deselect activities from your HEAR:

  1. Go to the HEAR 6.1 Choices box in your student portal
  2. Untick the box next to any activities you do NOT wish to appear on your HEAR.
  3. Your choices will now be registered. You can close the webpage

You can make changes to your selections anytime up until Friday 28 June when the HEAR information will be locked down and finalised ahead of your graduation.

Once you have graduated, you will be able to share your HEAR with potential employers, employment agencies and other universities. It will remove the need to order and pay for additional copies of your transcript.

You will soon receive a registration email which you should complete so you can access your HEAR after graduation.

Further information about the HEAR can be found on our HEAR webpages.