Moving house: Smithdown area skip programme and donation days

If you’re moving house there are lots of ways you can get rid of unwanted items over the next month, including a skip programme, donation days and drop-off points.

Smithdown Area Skip Programme 2024

31 May

Brookdale/Garmoyle junction L15 3HW
Half way along Granville / L15 2HR

6 June

Brookdale/Garmoyle junction L15 3HW
Half way along Thornycroft / L15 OEW

13 June

Salisbury/Cardigan junction L15 1HA
Borrowdale/Garmoyle junction / L15 3JE

18 June
Claremont/Garmoyle junction L15 3HJ
Granville/Lawrence junction / L15 2HR

20 June

Kenmare/Garmoyle Junction L15 3HG

24 June

Half way along Woodcroft ROAD L15 2HQ
Blantyre/Garmoyle junction/ ON DIARY L15 3HT

25 June

Avondale/Garmoyle junction L15 3HE
Borrowdale/Garmoyle junction / ON DIARY L15 3JE

26 June

Half way along Portman ROAD L15 2HH
Thornycroft/Lawrence junction / ON DIARY L15 OEW

26 June

Half way along Langton ROAD L15 2HT
Nithsdale/Garmoyle junction / L15 5AX

29 June

Ferndale/Garmoyle Junction L15 3JY

1 July

Barrington/Garmoyle junction L15 3HP
Langdale/Garmoyle junction L15 3LB
Salisbury/Lawrence junction L15 1HW
Bagot/Lawrence junction L15 2HA
Egerton/Lawrence junction / L15 2HW

The skip programme is funded by Liverpool City Council, ElecteMembers and the Universities.

Donation and drop-off points

Thursday 27 and Friday 28 June from 11am. Drop off locations will be available at Kensington Fields and Wavertree Sports Park.

Everything you need to know about Leave Liverpool Tidy is on the Guild webpages – find out more about how, where and when to donate, which items we can except and other ways you can recycle in Liverpool. 

Last year, the Leave Liverpool Tidy team collected 3,370 bags of donations from students moving out across the city. That’s equivalent to 27 tonnes of items prevented from going to landfill.