Apprenticeship Tall Ship Cup 2015

The Apprenticeship Tall Ship Cup will see participants leave Liverpool in June

Young people participating in pre-apprenticeship training at the University of Liverpool will set sail on the Tall Ships in June as part of a unique development programme.

The Apprenticeship Tall Ship Cup will see participants leave Liverpool in June, and take part in one of three legs – either travelling from Liverpool to Dublin, Dublin to Glasgow or Glasgow to Liverpool, with the opportunity to participate in the Mersey, Dublin or Clyde River Festivals along the route.

Steven Plant, Organisational Development Manager, said: “At the heart of this event is the development of young people – the skills they will learn on this event and the fundraising tasks they undertake beforehand will develop them both personally and as a team. These skills will also be beneficial to them in their pre-apprenticeship training and personal life.” 

The University recruited seven Pre-Apprentices in September 2014 on a 12-month programme in collaboration with Liverpool City Council. The Pre-Apprentices are participating in placements throughout the University – in Computing Services; Finance; Infection and Global Health; the School of Physical Sciences; the Institute of Integrated Biology; and Facilities, Residential and Commercial Services. They also attend the City of Liverpool College to develop their skills in English, Maths and Customer Services.

The Pre-Apprentices will undertake numerous fundraising activities to raise money for their voyage. A ’Just Giving’ web page has been set up for donations and sponsorships:

For further information, watch the film: or contact Steve Plant



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