Symposium for Liverpool animal behaviour researchers

An interdisciplinary group of researchers from different institutions in the region came together for a symposium which explored the different aspects relating to animal behaviour.

The sympoisium was organised by the Liverpool League of Animal Behaviour Scientists and attracted researchers from across the University including Veterinary science, Environmental Sciences, Integrative Biology, Histories, Languages and Culture and Psychology as well as researchers from Liverpool John Moores University’s School of Natural Sciences and Psychology.

More than 20 presentations were featured from PhD students, postdoctoral researchers and lecturers and covered a range of topics including: movement, odour recognition, social bonds, personality, welfare, mating strategies and cognition, encompassing a wide range of animals from fruit flies to elephants.

Symposium organiser, Dr Samantha Patrick from the University’s School of Environmental Sciences, said: “This was the first time researchers from different institutions in the city, and from different Schools in the University, have got together to discuss the brilliant and bizarre way that animals behave. It was great to bring researchers from across disciplines together and it is hoped this will become a regular event.”

The event was live tweeted using the hashtag #livlabs and was supported by the University’s School of Environmental Sciences

Anyone who is interested in joining this network should visit the website:






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