Science and Society: Targeting a cure for paralysis


Next week (Tuesday, 5 July) Professor Toshihide Yamashita, Chair of Osaka University’s Department of Molecular Neuroscience, will deliver a lecture as part of the 2016 Science and Society lecture series.

His lecture, ‘Targeting a cure for paralysis’, examines the recovery of the nervous system following injury.

Professor Yamashita will describe his latest research findings which focus on molecular mechanism of neuronal rewiring regulation under neuronal injures and neurodegenerative disorders.


Professor Yamashita was born in Okayama, Japan, and earned his undergraduate degree in medicine in 1990 from Osaka University Medical School. He worked as a neurosurgeon for four years and then started research as a graduate student. He completed PhD training in 1997 in the Department of Anatomy and Neuroscience at Osaka University. He then moved to Max-Planck Institute of Neurobiology, Martinsried, Germany, for postdoctoral training.

He has been a group leader for several years and has conducted and directed research on regeneration of the central nervous system. His research findings are expected to open the door for the development of new strategies to promote regeneration of the nervous system.

Information and booking

The lecture, which is free and open to the public, will take place at 5.30pm on Tuesday, 5 July at the Leggate Theatre Victoria Gallery & Museum.

Although admission is free places must be booked in advance by visiting the events website:

The lecture has been organised jointly with RENKEI and the British Biophysical Society Biennial conference.

Read more about RENKEI here.

Read more about the British Biophysical Society here.


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