“Brexit may never happen” says Prof Jon Tonge after successful High Court legal challenge

Professor Jon Tonge is a Lecturer in the University of Liverpool’s Department of Politics

“It’s a battle that’s likely to run and the Government may well appeal against the decision, but regardless what it shows is that the battle for Brexit is far from over – Parliament will determine the terms on which we leave the EU.

“The lack of consensus over what any Brexit deal will look like may mean that ultimately it may never happen.”

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4 thoughts on ““Brexit may never happen” says Prof Jon Tonge after successful High Court legal challenge

  1. Lesia Swain

    Government is expected to give an answer on “what future holds” that is impossible by definition
    If the Brexit vote not reversed Britain might be in the worse position it started with if pressured into “soft” Brexit

  2. Tom Shenton

    To say this ‘may never happen’ is effectively meaningless. All potential events may or may not happen. To make a statement like this worth consideration, one should attach a probability. Preferably not one picked out of the air.

  3. Chris Raddats

    This is certainly a lifeline for those of us who are against Brexit and will hopefully make the Government spell out exactly what outcome they will be negotiating for before triggering Article 50. They will not be able to present a ‘fait accompli’ at the end of the negotiations which Parliament is expected to rubber stamp. Even in the case of a vote before triggering Article 50, whether MPs can stay true to their beliefs and withstand the baiting from the hard right and their media friends remains to be seen.

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