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Dr Suzi Gage

New episodes of the official University of Liverpool Podcast are now available to download, review and subscribe on iTunes, Tunein and Blubrry.

The podcasts aim to bring listeners closer to some of the academic experts, authors and innovative thinkers from the University who, through their in-depth analyses, research and discoveries are affecting positive change in the world today.

Each episode features one or more of our academic experts discussing research in their specialist field. The podcasts, which have been produced in collaboration with the University of Liverpool online programmes team, are intended to provide a quick route to insider knowledge on new trends and upcoming key issues.

The series, hosted by Canadian journalist and producer Neil Morrison, features in depth conversations. The latest podcasts are entitled ‘Nano-medicine shrinks the cost of HIV treatment’ and ‘Suzi Gage on ‘Say Why to Drugs”.


Steve Rannard is a professor of Chemistry and Andrew Owen is a professor of Molecular and Clinical Pharmacology at the University. They are using nano-technology to make HIV medicine more effective and less expensive. Nanomedicine builds tiny particles of medication designed to drive the drug into the bloodstream more effectively.

In their podcast they explain that less medicine means lower costs for treatment, which could greatly increase the number of HIV patients that can receive therapy in low to middle income countries.

Just Say No….

Dr Gage’s research takes the infamous ‘Just Say No’ motto and turns it on its head. Suzi is the co-host of the regular podcast entitled ‘Say Why to Drugs’. The podcast is an evidence driven, deep dive into everything we know, and still don’t know, about specific recreational drugs. Every two weeks she and her co-host, the UK rapper Scroobius Pip focus on a different drug.

In her podcast she explains the reasons behind her series and its success.

The University of Liverpool Podcast is available NOW to download or subscribe for FREE from iTunes and can be found HERE.

Available bi-weekly

Four episodes have been published so far and new episodes will be available on iTunes bi-weekly on a Tuesday at 6am. The next episode will be available on 25 April, but check back frequently for bonus episodes.

Neil Morrison, said: “Podcasts are a convenient way to learn about a variety of topics in your own time whether that be while you are walking the dog or even making some toast.  They enable the many experts and innovative thinkers at the University of Liverpool to engage with new audiences in a more relaxed and intimate way.

“I would urge everyone to listen, review and subscribe.”

All the podcasts can be found HERE.

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Dr Gage’s podcast series ‘Say Why to Drugs’ can be found here.

Dr Gage will also be speaking at this year’s Pint of Science Festival between 15th and the 17th of May which will see over 30 University of Liverpool and Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine scientists take to the stage in pubs across Liverpool.

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