Black History Month 2018: Events happening in Liverpool

Black History Month 2018

Celebrate Black History Month in Liverpool by attending events taking place across the city relating to race, ethnicity, culture and internationalisation.

University Black History Month Events

Free Talk: Teaching Within: Decolonising the Curriculum at UAL

10th October, 12:15-2:30pm

The Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Staff Network invite you to their 2018 Black History Month event – ‘Teaching Within: Decolonising the Curriculum at UAL’, with guest Speakers Montana Williamson a ‘Shades of Noir’ graduate and Head of Visual Merchandising for Kate Spade Europe. Shades of Noir aims to provoke, challenge and encourage dialogue through its programme of activities on the subject of race within Art, Design & Higher Education

Free Talk: Council for At-Risk Academics (Cara)

12th October, 12-2:30pm

Stephen Wordsworth, Director of the Council for At-Risk Academics (Cara) will visit the University of Liverpool to talk about the work that Cara has done over 85 years to help academics and scientists fleeing from persecution and violence around the world. Cara was established in 1933 by academics and scientists in the UK in response to the Nazis’ expulsion of academics from German universities.

Free Lunchtime Concert Series: Indika

17th October, 1-2pm

INDIKA (17 October – 3 November) – Europe’s largest festival of Indian arts returns this Autumn with a brand new line up of performances and activities for everyone to enjoy. On the opening day of the festival, the University plays host to the Indika Lunchtime Concert. Escape the stresses of daily life with a unique lunchtime concert featuring some of the most beautiful Indian instruments and rhythms. Known for its meditative, soulful quality, Indian music offers listeners a moment of pure relaxation and really is a tonic for the mind and soul. Part of the Indika Festival.

Liverpool Guild of Students Black History Month Events

Black Panther Movie

10th October, 5-7pm and again 7:30-10pm

To Celebrate Black History Month the Guild, in collaboration with the Film Society, Afro-Caribbean Society, Somali Society & East African Society, will be screening Marvel’s Black Panther.

Tickets are free but limited.

Black History Month Debate

30th October, 6:30-9pm

In collaboration with Liverpool Debating Union, the Guild will be hosting a debate, asking ‘How should Societal changes in the present affect the past’ with guest speakers:

  • Yasmin Gasimova (Co-chair of Labour Students)
  • James Craig (Vice President of the Young Conservatives)
  • Alisha Lewis (Chair of the Young Liberals)
  • Tinaye Mapako (Co-Founder of the ‘Change the name of Roscoe & Gladstone’ Campaign)

This interactive debate will be moderated by Alex Ansuh from Liverpool Debating Union, and will involve audience participation by anonymously voting on their phones to crown the winner of the debate.

Black History Month: Windrush

31st October 6-8pm

Dr. Christienna Fryar from the History Department, a highly decorated Lecturer and Princeton Graduate will be delivering a talk titled ‘From Emancipation to Windrush’ which will focus on not only the emancipation of black people in the UK, the British Civil Rights movement, but the pertinent and current Windrush scandal in the UK.

Entry is free.

A full list of Guild events can be viewed on the dedicated Black History Month webpages.

City / Regional Events

Check out the events taking place for Black History Month

International Slavery Museum Exhibition: Journey to Justice

5th October – 7th April

Journey to Justice shows how the US civil rights movement helped to move people in the UK and the rest of the world to fight for their rights and make significant social and political change. It tells the extraordinary and moving stories of some of the less well-known women, men and children involved in US and UK struggles for freedom.

The exhibition shows how social justice can be led by ‘people like us’ and includes interviews, artwork and zines (DIY publications via which activists can make their own news) produced by local people.

Merseyside Maritime Museum – Black Salt: Britain’s Black sailors

Open until 2nd December 2018

This exhibition reveals the contribution Black seafarers have made to some of the most significant maritime events of the past 500 years.

The exhibition is based on the book ‘Black Salt: Seafarers of African Descent on British Ships’ by historian Ray Costello. It combines personal stories, historic data, objects and memorabilia to chart a course through the often troubled waters of Britain’s maritime past and explore the work of Black sailors. Historically overlooked, Black Salt shows how Black seafarers contended with the dangers and hazards of life at sea, and challenged inequality on board and ashore.

More Black History Month Events

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