Blog: My Top 5 ‘Christmassy’ things to do in Liverpool!

Author, Ana Ghaffari is a 1st year Law student at the University of Liverpool.

Planning things to do at Christmas time can not only be as stressful as putting the family turkey in the oven, but it’s also hard to find something different to do. As much as I enjoy sitting with my family and watching Elf every year, it does get repetitive – incredibly. So, I set it as my mission to try and test all Liverpool has to offer to help get me in that Christmas mood! Here are my findings…

1. Liverpool Christmas Market

One word: underrated.  Yes, it may not as be big as the one in Manchester, but it’s uniqueness and quirky huts are key to what makes the Liverpool Christmas Market so amazing. Frankly, I quite liked that it was smaller. Each stand was completely different in their own way, from hot gin to Yorkshire pudding wraps; there really was something for everybody. Yes, I may be a teeny bit bias as I now live here, but not only was there a variety of food and gifts, it all together looked beautiful. I’m not joking. The pictures don’t really do it justice, but I would definitely recommend visiting at night-time where the lights shine the brightest and the hot chocolates are the yummiest! There’s just something about walking around, gazing at the fairy lights with a Nutella filled crepe that really is priceless – metaphorically speaking.

2. Liverpool ONE

A complete contrast to the markets, Liverpool ONE is home to the widest range of shops known to man. Though as a student I may not be delving into the likes of Jo Malone or Flannels, I can appreciate that they are there whilst also shopping in H&M. As well as this, Liverpool ONE looks incredible with all the dazzling Christmas lights installed. Again, I would advise you to go in the evening where the shops aren’t as busy, and you can really appreciate the Christmas atmosphere.

Whilst you’re there, probably with a hot latte in one hand and a bag for life in the other (yes people, let’s save the planet), there is the opportunity to watch the Light Spectacular. This is located near Primark and is a great way to have a Christmas sing-a-long whilst watching some incredible lights. One word of advice would be to wrap up. It gets very chilly, my friends, and I found this out the hard way! My nose is still red from the trauma.

3. Watch a Christmas theatre production

Yes, this is on the pricier side, but this is definitely something to do this Christmas time, whilst we still have a few pennies! The ballet has to be one of the most magical experiences I have ever been to. No joke. From the sounds of the orchestra to the breath-taking dancers, it’s a spectacular event that I really cannot put into words. It’s a great excuse to get dressed up and try something different. Buying these tickets for a friend or a family member is also a great gift idea, especially if you’re bored of going to the cinema every year. I know I was.

I went to see the Nutcracker, and I could not recommend it enough. The opening scenes of children ice skating made me realise how excited I really was for Christmas time. Indeed, it is the most wonderful time of the year (credits to you Andy Williams for that belter of a song).  I must confess that I was only familiar with the forever loved Barbie classic, but I must say that it is on its way to beating that for sure. It was a perfect balance of a traditional story line with modern elements of dance offs and costumes. A Christmas production at the theatre is definitely not one to miss.

4. “Crimbo” bingo!

If you are a student, and have not yet been to Bongo’s Bingo, have you been living under a rock? Seriously, this is one of the best bingo sessions you will ever go to in your whole life. A bold statement I know, but I really am not joking. I had heard most students rave about the concept, but I had yet to experience it. I am so glad I did.

Something that I would like to stress is that they do student nights, where tickets to this renowned event are only £5. An absolute bargain. Even though I didn’t win the karaoke machine or the box of sugar puffs, I had the best time celebrating Christmas with my friends. The only downside to this is the drink prices. Holy moly. I almost cried when I had to tap my card for a fishbowl that costed me a hefty £15. You know what, thinking about it, a tear did shed on my face. But, nevertheless, you really can’t buy the best memories. This is proof.

5. Christmas decorating

Nothing screams Christmas like putting a bit of shiny plastic on a fake tree. Putting on some Christmas music and dancing around the kitchen makes me realise how amazing Christmas time actually is.

University is all about making friends and enjoying making new memories; what better way to do this than rounding all your flat together and arguing over where the tree should go. This was also the perfect opportunity to use Laura’s printer for the first time, and ‘photo-shop’ all our faces onto little elves to stick around the flat. We had so much fun doing our tree, and it looks pretty good if I do say so myself.

There you have it! My top 5 ‘Christmassy’ things to do in Liverpool. As much fun as Christmas time is, remember to always stay safe on these cold winter nights, and drink responsibly. Thank you for reading, and I hope from the bottom of my heart that you have the very best Christmas time this year!