Thinking of skipping the National Student Survey?… Well think again

Author Eliza Hick is a 3rd year Psychology student at the University of Liverpool.

This is the time of year where students’ stress levels seem to rise through the roof. With increased library hours and no social life, it seems like a chore to do anything which won’t contribute to your degree. My whole life revolves around academic literature, highlighters and a LOT of tea (sorry coffee lovers). So, I completely understand why you wouldn’t want to waste 10 minutes of your time filling out the National Student Survey. HOWEVER, this survey is actually really useful, not just to the University, but for prospective students as well.

Well… what is it?

The National Student Survey helps universities receive feedback based on YOUR university experience. Although this may not benefit you directly as you will have finished, it makes a massive contribution to improving the experience of prospective students.  It is filled in by final year students… answers remain anonymous of course.

Why do I have to take part?

The university VALUE your opinion. Here are a few examples of what the University has implemented already:

  • Cheaper printing: I mean are you really a proper uni student if you aren’t inundated with papers to read or things to print? By reducing the price of printing, I can spend my money on necessities i.e. iced tea lemonade from Starbucks (and a brownie if I am feeling a bit extra is required)
  • New facilities: We all know that some of the buildings, despite looking gorgeous, are a little ‘antique’ so when the 502 Teaching Hub was built I’m sure you were buzzing knowing you could sit on comfy seats and have some extra study space (as we all know how crammed the library gets during exam season, it is as busy as a Black Friday sale).

This would have never happened without students filling in the NSS!

What is in it for you?

With every survey completed, the university will donate £1 to the Guild’s four annual charities (the total will be split equally).

  • MOWLL 


IG, Twitter, FB: @mowllsocial

  • Revitalise

Twitter: @RevitaliseNow


  • Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation

Twitter: @Roy_Castle_Lung


  • Sahir House

Twitter: @SahirHouse

IG: sahirhouse


Despite this amazing incentive, I know you all want physical prizes. So lucky for you they are providing the goods. There are 12 prizes for 12 weeks. You could win all sorts of things like passes to Alton Towers for you AND three other friends, Beats Solo 3 wireless headphones (practical and cute), Bose wireless portable speaker (good for all the raves you probably won’t be having), Uni merch and even a £100 supermarket voucher of your choice (whether that be the Asda on Smithdown or even Waitrose if you are feeling fancy). These are only a few of the fab prizes you could potentially win if you take part in the survey.

The survey is open now until 30th April. All you need to do is head over to the NSS website. If you want to be entered into the prize draw, enter your username and click on the box.