COVID-19 testing essential for those on campus

If you are working or studying on campus, including in our Halls of Residence, it is now essential that you take an asymptomatic (no symptoms) COVID-19 test every five days.

Those on campus should currently be limited to students who have face-to-face teaching or those permitted within government guidance.

Although a number of essential services are available on campus, you should minimise contact with people outside of your household or support bubble and therefore only use physical facilities when it is absolutely necessary. Our libraries and other student services offer a wide range of services online, which will help you to avoid unnecessary travel.

If you do visit campus, you must take personal responsibility for adhering to all public health measures including wearing a face covering, maintaining a distance from other people and washing your hands regularly.

Where can I access a test?

Our main ‘no symptoms’ test site at the Sports Centre on campus is open 9am-5pm every weekday, and 10am-6pm at weekends.

Tests only take a few minutes, and you should receive your results within an hour. Find out more, including what to do once you receive your result on our campus safety webpages.

You can also access the city’s SMART testing facilities which are prioritising key workers and students returning to University.

If you have any symptoms suggestive of COVID-19, it is vitally important that you obtain a test and isolate until the result is known. Tests for people with symptoms of COVID-19 can be booked here.

Adhere to guidance

Please remember that, even if you are accessing asymptomatic testing every 5 days, you still need to follow the basic guidance to help keep each other and your wider community safe.

A negative test does not mean you can socialise outside of your household bubble.

It is vitally important that, regardless of your testing results, to continue to adhere to the ‘Hands – Face – Space’ public health guidance, as well as keeping rooms ventilated where appropriate.

Previous positive PCR test

The only exception to the regular asymptomatic testing requirements for those on campus are students who have received a positive PCR test result within the last 90 days (which has been recorded on the NHS system).

However, any student who develops symptoms of COVID-19 must self-isolate and book a PCR test whether or not they have had a previous positive PCR test.

If you have had a positive PCR test result more than 90 days ago, you need to start taking regular asymptomatic tests again. Remember, we expect students who are accessing campus-based facilities (including our accommodation) to get asymptomatic tests every five days.

If you need further advice contact our COVID Guidance and Travel Plans Helpline on 0151 795 9500. Opening hours can be found here.

Changes to test centres

Over the last few months we have worked hard to ensure our campus is COVID-secure for all those living, studying and working here.  All spaces having been risk assessed, and a range of measures have been introduced to make everybody feel safe and welcomed.

If you have visited our testing centres before you might notice some changes. The new set up, which removes the privacy booths and replaces them with tables and Perspex screens, is the updated clinically approved arrangement (DHSC Clinical Standard Operating Procedure). It allows us to make use of more space with greater flexibility to respond to demand.

If you would prefer some privacy, there is a curtain available – just ask our on-site staff.