Update: Travel during Easter holiday period

Whilst we are still in a period of national restrictions, to minimise the risk of transmission across the country the Government strongly advises students to avoid unnecessary travel and where possible stay where they are currently residing over the Easter holiday period. However, the Government has acknowledged that some students will have been in term-time accommodation for many months now, and there may be certain situations where it is necessary to return home for a period of time.

Where this is the case, a travel exemption for students has been announced, enabling them to move on one occasion from their term-time address on or after 8 March 2021 but before 29 April 2021 to one other household for the purposes of a ‘vacation’.

This new guidance, which comes into effect from today (8 March), also states that students are then permitted to return to their term-time address after this vacation period, or after any earlier period during which a student returned home and has remained there.

After returning, students must then remain living in their term-time accommodation unless a new exemption to the national restrictions on leaving home and gatherings applies, or in exceptional circumstances.

Testing requirements

In order to keep themselves, their families and the wider community as safe as possible, students are advised to get tested before they leave campus, and make use of local community testing services, where available, to get a test before they return back to campus.

Students can get a test before travelling from their term-time address at one of our ‘no symptoms’ test centres, located at the Sports Centre on campus, at Greenbank Student Village and at the Leahurst campus.

If your result is negative, you can travel. You should travel within 24 hours of a negative test result and follow safe travel guidance.

If your test is positive, it is a legal requirement that you self-isolate for 10 days, follow the advice provided by your local testing centre about further testing, and do not travel.

We also advise that upon returning to campus, students get a test as soon as possible. All students and staff who are regularly working or studying on campus in Liverpool, including in our Halls of Residence, are now required to take regular, twice-weekly, quick-results lateral flow tests.

Any students displaying any symptoms of COVID-19 are reminded that they can still book a ‘with symptoms’ test on campus.

Travelling back to campus

As previously communicated, if students are not currently residing in their term-time address, we ask that you do not return to campus unless asked to by your school or department or if you require access to study facilities because you do not have adequate provision where you live. If you are asked to return, you should aim to do so in time for your first timetabled session, however we would recommend not making travel plans until you have heard from your school.

Many of our student services and support are fully accessible via our digital channels. This includes among other things, support with your studies through KnowHow, online access to our library services, help identifying and pursuing your chosen career, access to advice and guidance on everything from mental health to money issues, and a range of activities to help keep you occupied away from your studies. We’re always here for you, so please continue to take advantage of any support that may be beneficial to you.  We will also be increasing access to campus-based services over the coming weeks in line with government guidance please check the web pages of the relevant services for up-to-date information.

Tell us your travel plans

To help shape our plans, please follow this link to let us know if and when you intend to return based on the latest Government guidance outlined above. This will help us to support you, from wherever you are studying, for the remainder of the academic year.