Travel and testing update ahead of spring break

As previously communicated, the University is currently working through how the planned gradual easing of COVID-19 restrictions in England over the next few months will impact on your university life. Here are some updates and reminders ahead of the three-week spring break beginning today.

Safe travel

The UK Government has advised students to avoid unnecessary travel and, where possible, to stay in their current address over the spring break.

However, it has been acknowledged that some students may have been in term-time accommodation for many months now, and there may be certain situations where it is necessary to return home, or to an alternative address. Where this is the case, a travel exemption for students has been announced, which means you can move to one other household for the break, and then return to your term-time address, where needed, following the break.

It is important that you avoid returning to campus unless you are asked to by your department or if you require access to study facilities because you do not have adequate provision where you live.

When travelling remember to follow safer travel guidance including avoiding using public transport where possible, wearing a face covering and socially distancing at all times. You can find further travel guidance on our COVID safety hub.

Travel advice for international students can be found on our international guidance pages.

Tell us your travel plans

To help shape our plans, please follow this link to let us know if and when you intend to return based on the latest Government guidance. This will help us to support you, from wherever you are studying, for the remainder of the academic year.

Testing requirements

In order to keep yourselves, your families and the wider community as safe as possible, we strongly advise you to get tested before you leave campus and make use of local community testing services to get a test before you return back to campus (if you need to return).

Students can get a test before leaving Liverpool at one of our ‘no symptoms’ test centres, located at the Sports Centre on campus, at Greenbank Student Village and at the Leahurst campus.

Any students displaying any symptoms of COVID-19 are reminded that they can still book a ‘with symptoms’ test on campus.

Please note that, in line with University closure days and bank holidays, the campus testing sites at the Sports Centre, Greenbank Student Village and the ‘with symptoms’ testing site close to the Guild will be closed from 5pm on Wednesday, 31 March until Wednesday, 7 April.

The testing site at Leahurst will remain open for staff and students during that period.

Supporting your studies

All students, whether studying online or in-person, will be able to access a new programme of co-curricular activities when term resumes from Monday, 12 April. We will share more details about this with you shortly.

Many of our student services and support continue to be fully accessible via our digital channels if you need them over the break. This includes support with your studies through KnowHow, online access to our library services, help identifying and pursuing your chosen career, access to advice and guidance on everything from mental health to money issues, and a range of activities to help keep you occupied away from your studies.


Celebrating your success is a highlight in our calendar and we are aware just how important it is to you and those close to you.

Although it is the UK Government’s intention to remove COVID-19 related lockdown restrictions by the summer, it remains unclear whether and how it will be possible to deliver events such as graduation ceremonies at the usual time in July. We are currently giving this matter careful consideration, with the aim of running events in person this year if we are able to do so, and will be in touch with all those affected soon to set out proposed arrangements for a safe and fitting celebration.

Teaching arrangements following the spring break

We will be in touch with all students with further detail regarding teaching arrangements, as soon as we receive updated Government guidance (expected during the spring break). As a reminder, all students who are currently receiving in-person teaching or taking part in placements, will continue to do so as planned.

In addition, students who need to undertake practical work on campus this academic year, should have been contacted by their department to confirm when this will resume. This will be sometime after Monday, 12 April, when semester 2 resumes following the spring break.