University launches new Climate Plan

The University’s new Climate Plan sets out our ambitions, principles and commitments to being net zero by 2035 – 15 years ahead of the Government’s 2050 deadline. 

The Climate Plan outlines how we are going to move forward in developing our pathway to net zero, with key activities including:  

  • Completing an energy audit of all campus buildings so we can prioritise and implement energy saving measures  
  • Ensuring the more efficient use of spaces across campus 
  • Retrofitting buildings to ensure heat and electricity use is optimised 
  • Developing a plan to decarbonise our gas-fuelled combined heating and power system, which provides 90% of the power used on the main campus 

Alongside a continued focus on climate and sustainability research, a ‘Living Lab’ programme will also be established. This will act as a test bed for innovative climate solutions, drawing on our research and teaching expertise in both STEM subjects and arts and culture.  

Students are encouraged to play their part in the fight against climate change with a community of Sustainability Champions set to be launched in all faculties and directorates. These Champions will work in partnership with the Guild of Students to ensure all students can learn more about how to make a difference and get involved in making the Climate Plan a reality. 

Nicola Davies, Executive Lead for Sustainability, and the University’s Chief Financial Officer said:  “The University is serious about addressing emissions associated with our activities which are contributing to climate change, the most pressing issue facing society today. The launch of the Climate Plan is a positive step forward in our net zero journey, but we should not underestimate the challenges we face going forward.  

“Everyone has a part to play in helping us achieve our ambitious net zero targets, through your teaching and research, the goods and services you buy, or even how you travel to campus. By working together as a University community, we can move forward on our pathway to net zero and create a more sustainable future.” 

Download the Climate Plan

The Climate Plan sets out a series of actions under five key themes: operational emissions, research and innovation, students and their education, partnerships, and engaging and embedding sustainable practices across all University operations.  

Collectively, these will help us reduce our carbon and greenhouse gas emissions and other harmful environmental impacts. For more details download the Climate Plan 

If you have any queries or want to know more about how you can get involved, email