Wellbeing tips from our experts

Wellbeing Advisors

Whether exams and deadlines are making you feel stressed, or you’d just like to learn some new ways to wellbeing, our wonderful Wellbeing Advisors have been compiling their top tips to get you started:

Laura: “Think of five positive things each day as soon as you wake up to start your day with a positive mood. It might be that the sun is shining, or you are looking forward to something later in the day. Give it a try!”

Christine: “Spend time outdoors and keep physically active.”

Amy: “Invest in your friendships, deepen existing ones and create new ones.  Meet up rather than speak online – it makes a big difference.”

Daniel: “Put others first by volunteering your time and help to take the focus off yourself.”

Martina: “Set aside an hour every evening to wind down before bed. Stay away from your phone and your laptop; instead try some relaxing techniques such as listening to calming music, stretching or reading a book.”

Amanda: “Plan your time, and make sure you have enjoyable activities scheduled in so that you have things to look forward to.”

Extra support is available for students throughout the year if you would like some support or advice, or you just don’t feel that great.

All our University support services are free and confidential. There is a daily wellbeing drop-in at the Alsop Building on University Square, staffed by our Wellbeing Advisers. During the exam period, the drop-in will be available 11am-3pm. There’s no need to book – just come along to the Student Welfare Advice and Guidance Information Point on the ground floor of the Alsop Building.

Information about all student support services and resources are available here: https://www.liverpool.ac.uk/studentsupport/.

Investment in mental health and wellbeing support

The University is continuing to invest in mental health and wellbeing support for students and has recently recruited a new team of wellbeing advisers, two additional mental health advisers, an additional disability adviser and will soon be recruiting a CBT therapist and additional counsellors to enhance our central services.

The investment has been made as a result of your feedback and we wanted to say a big thank you to you for sharing your thoughts and comments with us throughout the year.

You can see what other improvements the University has made because of your feedback via the Your Feedback webpage. You can also send the University your feedback via this Give Feedback form.