New for Students: Create a Microsoft Teams Site 

In further support of online teaching and learning activities, students now have the ability to create Microsoft Teams sites.

Creating your own Teams sites allows you to work together on group projects, seamlessly share and collaborate on files, and keep each other up-to-date with informal chat and online meetings.

As Teams sites are accessed from your University MWS account there is no need to remember different passwords for different platforms – it’s all via your University login – making it easier to see sites you have been added to, what’s been shared with you, and what you have shared.

Key tip

When creating a Microsoft Teams site, make sure you set it as Private NOT Public. If it is set to public, everyone in the University will be able to see the contents on your site.

Talk it out

When creating Microsoft Team sites, you are in charge of managing and keeping the sharing permissions up to date to keep your team’s work safe. Think about how you’ll work and collaborate in the Teams site with your group – a little planning and discussion up front will save time and possible misunderstandings.

Teams sites are often used for a short project, so you’ll need to also plan what happens at the end of the teamwork or project, what happens to the documents, how you’ll remove access or delete the Teams site.


When you’re using University IT facilities you need to follow the Acceptable Use Policy – this means:

  • Respect others and use the IT facilities responsibly
  • Protect your device with up-to-date antivirus software
  • Remember that use of our IT facilities is logged and monitored for system maintenance, security and to meet legal and policy requirements

You have the control to grant, manage and remove permissions to your data in Microsoft Teams, OneDrive and Office 365 services. Those involved in research still need to follow subject-specific research policy and rules on data storage and sharing, with precedence given to research data management and ethics.

Find out more

Support and guidance to help you create and use Microsoft Teams sites can be found in the Quick Start Guide and knowledge articles from the University’s Computing Services team.

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