Help shape Merseyside Police’s support services

Merseyside’s Police Commissioner, Jane Kennedy, is asking anyone who has been affected by crime in the last three years to share their views via the Merseyside Victim Experience Survey 2021  in order to help shape and improve future support services.

The Merseyside Victim Experience Survey 2021 aims to test how well existing referral processes and support services are working, and where improvements might be made in the future.

The survey will run until Sunday 4 April.

As well as the online survey, victims will also have the opportunity to share their experiences in a focus group or a one-to-one interview either online or by telephone.

Speaking about the survey, the Commissioner, Jane Kennedy, said: “Victims of crime often rely on support services to help them to recover from what can be a traumatic event, no matter what the offence. They deserve to feel involved in the criminal justice process, to be kept up-to-date on their cases and treated with dignity and respect at all time.

“By taking part in this consultation and sharing their experiences, they will be helping to ensure the support victims of crime receive is the best it can be.“

What is Victim Care Merseyside?

Victim Care Merseyside is a package of support and care that includes a dedicated victim’s referral mechanism embedded within Merseyside Police, seven specialist support services and the Victim Care Merseyside website, which acts as one-stop shop of information and advice for victims.