Relocation of our on-site ‘no symptoms’ testing centre and testing reminder

Guild walk signage - stay safe

From Monday, 14 June our asymptomatic, or ‘no symptoms’, testing centre on-campus will be relocating from the Sports Centre to the Stanley Theatre, Liverpool Guild of Students.

Opening days and times will remain the same, as follows:

  • Monday – Friday 8.30am – 5pm
  • Saturday – 10am – 4pm*
  • Sunday – Closed

Please note, the last day of testing at the Sports Centre is Saturday, 12 June.

As well as assisted tests, staff and students can also collect a COVID-19 self-test kit from the Stanley Theatre, to allow you to take regular tests at home at a convenient time. Each kit contains 7 tests enabling users to test twice weekly or more often if required, and full instructions are included.

Test kits can also be collected from Greenbank reception and Leahurst reception.

Further information about our asymptomatic testing provision can be found on our Campus Safety webpages.

Get a test every three days and before travel

Our guidance for any student or staff member who is on campus for three or more days in any week (Monday to Sunday) is still to access two ‘no symptoms’ lateral flow tests (approximately every three days) either using our testing centre or using home test kits (as above).

Students who are travelling home, or away from their term-time address following exams are advised to continue, where possible, taking asymptomatic tests every three days (twice weekly). You can collect home test kits before leaving from the Stanley Theatre at the Guild, Greenbank reception and Leahurst reception.

It’s also important to get tested before you leave campus either in-person or using an at-home test.

If your result is negative, you can travel. You should travel within 24 hours of a negative test result and follow safe travel guidance. If your test is positive, you should self-isolate for 10 days, follow the advice provided by your local testing centre about further testing, and do not travel.

Any students displaying any symptoms of COVID-19 are reminded that they can still book a ‘with symptoms’ test on campus.

If you have recently tested positive, please make sure to upload your result to the University’s Case Management System:

If you have any questions please contact our COVID Advisory Service on 0151 795 9500 or contact us by email

Finally, please remember to keep checking our Campus Safety webpages which will hold the latest information and advice.