REMINDER: Important information about results release processes

The vast majority of students are now able to view their full marks in the results portal via the Student Intranet.

Our heartfelt apologies go out to all students who continue to experience missing marks, and particularly to those students in Life Sciences and Modern Languages who are not yet able to access the results portal. If you have studied modules in these two areas, your School will be in touch with you later this week to update you on progress.

We appreciate that this is frustrating and would like to apologise again for the delay. We are working hard to mitigate the impact of the ongoing industrial action on you and for those directly impacted, your patience and understanding in this matter is greatly appreciated.

Marks in the portal

The marks which are available in the portal have all been moderated in line with our Code of Practice on Assessment and submitted extenuating circumstances have been considered.

It is important to note that all component or module marks which have been made available in the portal are considered final by the University Board of Examiners, but your classification or overall result for the year should be treated as provisional if you have any marks missing. You can find more information about this in our FAQs.

If you do not have any marks missing you should consider your classification or overall result final. Your school may also have informed you of this directly.

‘0s’ in your portal

Please remember that if you have completed an assignment but your mark has not been received for a particular component as a result of industrial action it will initially display within the results portal as a mark of ‘0’ or appear blank. The overall module may also display as ‘fail’ but please be reassured that this is not your final mark and the portal will be updated when your marks have been received from your school.

Your portal data is clearly explained in our instructional video. You can find a transcript of this video here.

No student will ultimately be left with an incomplete set of marks and you will not be expected to re-sit or re-take modules where marks are missing as a result of industrial action.

If you have failed a module once your assessments have been marked and made available to you, you will be able to re-sit or re-take any relevant components in line with our normal processes, even if this is after the resit examination period. You can find further information about this on our information sheets on the results webpages.

If you need support to explain an initial degree certificate or Higher Education Achievement Report to an employer or education provider you will be provided with a supporting document which outlines the situation. Please contact your school to organise this.

When will I receive missing marks?

Our staff are working extremely hard to get your marks to you but for some modules additional time is still needed to continue to process your marks in line with the Code of Practice on Assessment. It is imperative that we make sure that all the necessary quality assurance has been completed before your marks are released. The number of staff taking part in the marking and assessment boycott varies dramatically by subject area, and for that reason it is difficult to tell you exactly when missing marks will be available. Our aim is to keep you up to date with progress and your school will communicate directly with you to this end.

Support services

We recognise that this has been a difficult time for you following an already challenging year. Collecting your results can bring great joy, but it can also bring a mixture of negative emotions so remember that our student support services offer advice, support and information on a wide-range of non-academic issues including counselling and mental health, amongst others. The Alsop Building on campus is accessible by appointment and the team are also using Microsoft Teams to run virtual appointments. To book please contact via phone or email between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday or use the Online Booking System.