Understanding research integrity

Research integrity is an essential part of good research. It includes a multitude of things, such as adhering to institutional policies and protocols, using honest and verifiable methods in all stages of research, and reporting findings clearly and transparently.

High standards of research integrity underpin the quality and reliability of research outcomes, and of decisions made in the light of those outcomes. Research integrity applies to all studies, whether these are led by staff or students, and whether these are undertaken locally or outside the UK.

The University of Liverpool is committed to maintaining the highest standards of ethics and integrity in its research, and requires that all research projects undertaken under the auspices of the University observe a commitment to good research conduct.

A research environment functions best when it is collaborative, inclusive, supportive, and underpinned by a commitment to research integrity. All students have a responsibility to contribute to a healthy research environment in which the integrity of the research is paramount.

All students form part of the collective University efforts to strengthen the integrity of research and to create a research environment that is underpinned by a culture of good practice. It is crucial that students fulfil their responsibilities and create a working research culture that meets the highest standards of research ethics and research integrity. While Principal Investigators and Supervisors play a vital role, it should be stressed that all individuals involved in a research project – regardless of roles or seniority – have a responsibility to ensure good research practice.


Read more about how we can achieve excellence in research integrity, and how you can play your part in this research integrity statement from Professor Gavin Brown, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Education.

Training in research integrity

Continual engagement with training in research integrity helps to ensure that research is conducted to the highest standards of integrity.

The University offers research integrity training resources to ensure those undertaking research are familiar with good practice in research, and links to the training and further resources are available on the University’s research integrity webpages. This training incorporates the latest developments in research integrity, such as the revised Concordat to Support Research Integrity.

All training should be supplemented by further inquiry and self-directed learning into research integrity.

Further information

If you have any question or queries about research integrity, please arrange a conversation with your Supervisor who will discuss the shared approach to research integrity. Alternatively, you can discuss any research integrity issues confidentially with integrity@liverpool.ac.uk.

More information on research integrity policies and guidance can be found on the University of Liverpool research integrity webpages.