Taxis and Licenced Vehicles: Travelling safely in the city

Hackney Cab

Although Liverpool is a relatively safe place to live and study, to help you and your friends stay safe while out and about in the city, we’ve pulled together some useful safety advice around travelling in taxis and licenced vehicles.

There are two types of licenced vehicles in Liverpool – Hackney Cabs and Private Hire Vehicles.

Hackney Cabs can be hailed in the street when the ‘FOR HIRE’ light is illuminated, when the taxi is on a rank or if booked in advance from an office or taxi company. A Liverpool Licenced Hackney Cab will have a roof light showing the word TAXI, a yellow plate on the front and rear of the vehicle and a yellow illuminated sign inside the taxi which displays the number plate. The driver should have a personal ID badge and tariff sheet on display inside.

Private Hire vehicles can only pick up passengers who have pre-booked – they can’t be hailed on the street. You can normally book via phone, app, on a website or in person at a taxi company office.

These vehicles have a red and white plate attached to the back of the vehicle and one in the windscreen. They should also have door signs displaying the logo of their private hire operator and have a personal ID badge on display in the vehicle.

Liverpool Licenced Vehicles

#SAFELIVERPOOL – Asking for a Liverpool driver

When you are booking a private hire vehicle it is advised that you ask for a Liverpool Licenced Driver.

The scheme, which has been set up by Liverpool City Council with Merseyside Police, aims to ensure your ride home in a Liverpool Licenced Vehicle is safe.

All Liverpool Licenced Drivers:

  • Have passed a local topographical knowledge test
  • Are DBS checked
  • Have completed safeguarding training
  • Have passed a robust vetting system
  • Drive a Liverpool Licenced Vehicle that is regularly checked by Liverpool Council’s own qualified mechanic
  • are local drivers
  • Adhere to the Liverpool Licencing Drug Policy

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