Staying vigilant to fraud and scams

Students are being reminded to be cautious when donating to charities in-person or online.

Although most fundraising appeals are genuine, please be vigilant and make sure the organisation is legitimate.

The University does not currently have any registered charities on campus.

To stay safe, you can:

  • Check the charity collector’s identity badge
  • Ask to see their official documentation, including the charity’s registration number
  • Ask to see the collector’s permit or license
  • Check the charity is listed on the Charity Commission website
  • Ask the collector questions about the charity and where the money will be donated. The collector should be knowledgeable about the charity
  • Charity buckets should be sealed. It is illegal to make charity collections from open buckets. Charity buckets should also display the charity’s name and typically the registration number of the charity.
  • If in doubt, you can research the cause online and, if it is legitimate, you can choose to donate to the charity online instead.

What to do if you have been targeted?

If you think you may have been targeted or are a victim of any other type of fraud, please contact student services on

If you are an international student you can also contact the International Advice and Guidance Team who will support you to contact the British Police through Action Fraud.

You can also contact Action Fraud directly.

For more information, you can read Action Fraud’s advice around charity donations via the Action Fraud website.

Campus Support

The Campus Support Team help keep campus a safe and secure place to live, study and work. The team can be contacted using the emergency number 0151 794 2222.

Campus police officer

The University has a dedicated Police Officer – PC Andy Woolford – who works alongside our Campus Support Services team and can offer practical safety advice and support regarding any potential crime related issues.